Children Needing Sponsors

The following children have been enrolled in the Embrace Program and are still in need of a sponsor.

Name: Deynor Nehemias Lopez Solis
Code: J 200
Age: 7
*Nutritional Level: Yellow
Name: Wito Gudiel Avalos Martinez
Code: GR 071
Age: 6
Nutritional Level: -G
Name: Santos Gregorio Mendoza Amador
Code: SH 159
Age: 11
Nutritional Level: R
Name: Rosa Arely Diaz Perez
Code: PA 062
Age: 7
Nutritional Level: High Yellow
Name: Henrry Hernandez Diaz
Code: O 024
Age: 3
*Nutritional Level: Dark Red
Name: Deysi Yesenia Mendez Oloroso
Code: CH 236
Age: 8
*Nutritional Level: Low Yellow
Name: Escarleth Mileidi Daniela Perez
Code: LV 213
Age: 6
*Nutritional Level: Yellow
Name: Santa Bartola Perez Perez
Code: N 214
Age: 7
*Nutritional Level: Yellow
Name: Ashely Yessenia Garcia Alvarez
Code: C 222
Age: 3
Nutritional Level: +Y
Name: Jamel Milenar Mendoza Peña
Code: EV 091
Age: 4
Nutritional Level: +Y
Name: Henry Damian Diaz Lopez
Code: EV 095
Age: 5
Nutritional Level: +Y
Name: Jasmin Carolina Calderon
Code: LN 001
Age: 7
Nutritional Level: -R
Name: Nery Gonzalez Perez
Code: O 048
Age: 4
Nutritional Level: Y
Name: Adbel Gonzalo Garcia Amador
Code: TP 090
Age: 4
Nutritional Level: +Y

* Nutrional Levels:This represents the child's level of nutritional need, based on the porportion of weight to height.

Green - This is a good level of nutritional proportion; where we want to get the children and maintain them there for a full year before graduating out of the program.
Yellow - Represents that the child is underweight.
Red - Represents that the child is fully malnourished.
Dark Red - Represents that the child is in critical care levels.
There is a different kind of malnourishment that does not read on the chart used for this and that we evaluate just by sight and other physical characteristics; such as highlights in hair, hair falling out, being bloated etc.