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Embrace Entries Updates for November 2017

November was another busy month for Embrace. We took our annual pictures of the children and hope you will enjoy them as they are sent to you via email in December. If you have kept older pictures of your child, take a few moments to pull them out and you will really notice the change that you are making for your child’s overall health and well-being.

We also looked at the children’s “school certifications” to take note if they passed their year in the school so that we can accurately tell our sponsors what grade they will be studying next year.

We had our tri-month birthday celebration in November, to recognize the children who had or will have their birthdays for the months of October, November and December. We do it a month early so that we can use the December meetings strictly for our Christmas celebration. The children received a small toy and a coupon for those who have an active sponsor to spend at the clinic’s store. We sang Happy Birthday to the children and prayed over them. For most, this is the only recognition that they will have that they had a birthday. Everyone at the meetings enjoyed a small piece of cake and refreshment.

Another thing that happens in November, which is bitter sweet, is to notify the families that will not continue in the Embrace program next year. This year we are graduating out 30 children. Some reached their maximum of 5 years in the program, others had been brought to a healthy level of nutrition and maintained there for a full year, or changes in the families’ economic status. Sponsors will be notified of this if it affects their child. So many of our sponsors have been to Guatemala and have met their child in person and it is sad to know that they will be leaving the program. But it is a success story as to how well the Embrace program works in bringing a malnourished child back to a healthy status. We encourage our sponsors, who have a child who is leaving the program, to take on a new child! This will begin the process all over again, to assist another child who is in need; to be brought back to a good level of health. If this applies to you, we prayerfully ask that you consider taking on a new child. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can assign you a new child to begin 2018. All the Embrace children will be attending the December meeting, to enjoy the Christmas extras that we provide!

I am happy to share that we have some new sponsors from both the October and November teams. It is still my hope that we can find at least 100 new sponsors in the upcoming year; please share the word on how gratifying it can be to make such a difference in a child’s life through Embrace sponsorship. Together, let’s make a difference for the children in eastern Guatemala!

For further information on how you can participate in sponsoring a child contact either:
Doug and Sandi Reed or Nancy Sheldon